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Image by Douglas Bagg

Founded by "Agraj Jain" a fashion design undergraduate from London College of Fashion and a winner of “The Kering award for Sustainable fashion 2016”, the label “Agrajain” is a newly launched luxury fashion brand, which primarily focuses on sustainable couture and clothing for women.


We at Agrajain believe that every piece of fashion is also a work of art. Art is a celebration of Life itself and we believe that it should not cause suffering to any living being, however small. Our brand is committed to showcasing the best of couture yet in a  sustainable and eco-friendly way. 


As part of this approach, we use 'Ahimsa silk or Peace silk' which a fabric that is created in the most humane manner possible. While normal silk is created by boiling millions of silkworms to their death in order to create the ultimate fabric, in case of Peace silk, we wait while the silkworm has completed it's natural life cycle to use the silk yarn which is used to create the ultimate fabric. We use different variants of this fabric which is woven beautifully and use it to create different looks and styles. This fabric portrays the philosophy behind our brand, which is to strengthen sustainable fashion and makes our clothes beautiful while celebrating life in all its forms.


Along with material sustainability, we also do a series of garments which are hand-painted to promote the fine arts skills of our local artisans.

O U R   S T O R Y

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